It’s time to re-imagine the way we talk about pleasure. Motherlode, a female-run digital art lab for interactive 3D, AR, and VR design, is using virtual reality gaming as a medium to push the boundaries of how people think and explore the world of self-pleasure in their new interactive experience titled Lube River.

The women of Motherlode (Carol Civre, Leah Roh, and Isa Ghaffari) fused their backgrounds in animation, film, and fine art with their love for emerging creative technology to develop a platform for interactive art that explores themes under the umbrella of social justice and identity in digital realms.

Motherlode is currently developing Lube River, a virtual reality tool for exploring pleasure. In Lube River, the user takes on the role of “sex-plorer” aboard a vulva-shaped gondola. The user will steer their boat down a river of lube in search of sex toys. The goal is to collect and learn about the vast and diverse world of sex toys available for solo use and partner/group play. Lube River features products that Motherlode sourced from sex toy companies whose values and visions align with theirs. All the companies involved in the experience are female-run and the toys included are designed for people of all sexual and gender identities.

Lube River will premiere with a launch event on June 3rd at Babeland’s SoHo location. Babeland is a female-founded sex store with multiple locations nationwide, which offers top quality sex toys and hosts educational workshops and events that provide information and encouragement for people who want to explore their sexuality. In addition to the Lube River experience, the launch event will include sex toy raffles, refreshments, and a workshop presented by Babeland educators.

On a broader scale, cis-male pleasure is not only represented but also openly discussed and celebrated in mainstream media whilst other individuals are often portrayed and objectified as props to enhance male sexuality. Therefore people, and especially women and non-cis men, are conditioned to feel ashamed about exploring their bodies and their sexuality.

With Lube River, Motherlode aims to create a platform that talks about the taboo topic of masturbation in a safe and playful setting with the intent of making the subject more approachable. In Lube River, you will learn about sex toys in a candy-colored virtual forest aboard a va-gondola on a river of lube. We are using this experience as a vehicle to get people thinking about pleasure in ways they may not have before. The point is to redirect conversations on masturbation and pleasure so that they are more fun and inclusive – we believe that understanding pleasure can create a better and healthier overall sexual experience for one’s self and their relationship with their partner(s).

Motherlode is currently located at NEW INC, the New Museum’s incubator for art and technology.

Link to tickets for Lube River here.

For more info and news on Motherlode check out their website or Instagram

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