Dear Reader,

We are very pleased to share the full 304 pages of The Advocates with you, which is not only a one issue theme; it is our brand’s identity moving forwards. We will continue to shine a spotlight on those who are using their voices to affect positive change in the world, as well as those who are working hard to make the fashion industry a more accepting and inclusive space. We are grateful for the people who helped us bring this vision to life. Working on this project for the last few months has helped us become more informed, optimistic and inspired, and we hope it has the same impact on our readers.

Some of the topics highlighted within this issue are body positivity, LGBTQ rights, gender identity, volunteering abroad, ethical fashion lines that give back, mental health, and diversity within the model industry. For those of you who do not live in a city where you can purchase the magazine from a newsstand, please enjoy this digital version for the modest price of $5. As a way to show gratitude to the beautiful humans who we have featured here, we will be donating 25% of the profits from The Advocates to charities associated with them.

We ask that you do not share your digital copy with others, and instead encourage them to support our growing indie publication by making a purchase as well. You are welcome to post a few of your favorite images online as inspiration, but the full issue may not be displayed publicly on any platform without our consent.

You may submit questions or comments through our contact form.

Thank you,

Glassbook Team (Jasmine, Kayla, and Nastia)