Category: Art


Motherlode, a female-run digital art lab for interactive 3D, AR, and VR design, is using virtual reality gaming as a medium to push the boundaries of how people think and explore the world of self-pleasure in their new interactive experience titled Lube River.

Harif Guzman

One of New York’s Finest – From New York to Singapore, Italy, London, and more, the provocative work of artist Harif Guzman has been exhibited worldwide.


In this special edition of David-Simon Dayan’s series “Letters To Your Younger Self,” the artist asked Mela Murder, actress, dancer, and now mother, to instead write a letter to her newborn daughter, Amethyst.

Carson Foley

Carson Foley gives us an introduction to the youth and queer oriented DIY community of self-taught tattoo artists, a peek into his other-worldly comic book series, and shared his plans to open a tattoo studio with other DIY tattoo artists in NYC.

Jasmine Wahi

It’s a rare thing to come across a person whose activism is so deeply ingrained in their personal practice that it seeps out of everything they do, where you can see that there is no separation from their beliefs and what they put out into the world. Jasmine Wahi, Brooklyn based curator, writer, and activist is definitely one of these people.