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Photographer: Elena Sokolova
Art Directors: Julia Chernysheva, Elena Sokolova
Stylist: Galina Smirnskaya
Hair &Make-Up: Oksana Lavreniuk
Model: Alexa Yudina (Al Models NY)

Artist Statement:

Nowadays woman has almost lost her primordial instincts, inner knowledge, deep roots, strong feminine energy and profound connection with nature. She lives in big cities tamed and controlled, she breathes half, she forgets how to dance, burst out laughing, express her feelings, and use her intuition.

In this story, we sought to recreate the atmosphere and the character of feminine, beautiful but strong creature, possessing supernatural energy and knowledge, free-spirited and deeply connected to nature. Nevertheless, she is not from the past; she lives now.

The inspirational environment comes from Pre-Raphaelites art as well as from nature itself. We intentionally used a black background to concentrate on emotional part and indulge a viewer into mystery, vital force and eternity.


Spread Four: Left Page: Dress: Walk of Shame Moscow

Spread Seven: Left Page: Shirt: George Keburia  /  Right Page: Dress: Ruban, Shoes: Aquazzura

Spread Eight: Left Page: Top: George Keburia  /  Right Page: Top: Walk of Shame Moscow

Spread Nine: Full Look: A La Russe