Carson Foley

Carson Foley gives us an introduction to the youth and queer oriented DIY community of self-taught tattoo artists, a peek into his other-worldly comic book series, and shared his plans to open a tattoo studio with other DIY tattoo artists in NYC.

Ava Raiin

Ava Raiin’s polymorphic album is set to take you on a colorful multisensory ride. During our time together in the British Capital she shares her journey, debunks hidden meanings in her lyrics, facing her inner demons and landing on her own two feet.

Harif Guzman

One of New York’s Finest – From New York to Singapore, Italy, London, and more, the provocative work of artist Harif Guzman has been exhibited worldwide.

Pamela Bell – Prinkshop

One of the four founding members of Kate Spade, Pamela Bell’s successes as an entrepreneur have run parallel to her commitment to philanthropy. Her enthusiasm for bettering the world with her work is moving, inspiring, refreshing.

High Quality Human Beings

Through intimate video profiles with individuals that seek meaning, purpose and authenticity, High Quality Human Beings strives to to bring people together in the pursuit of understanding what it really means to be human in today’s world.

Lauren Wasser

Lauren Wasser: A Model of Strength. The California “It Girl,” model and former athlete almost died at the age of 24 from Toxic Shock Syndrome and is now devoting herself and her platform to educating us about body positivity, inclusion and the awesomeness of women.

Conscious Period

We connected with Conscious Period co-founders, Margo Lang and Annie Lascoe to discuss why being a champion for women’s rights is important in today’s sociopolitical context and explore how activist companies can help to shift society’s current narrative.

Jasmine Wahi

It’s a rare thing to come across a person whose activism is so deeply ingrained in their personal practice that it seeps out of everything they do, where you can see that there is no separation from their beliefs and what they put out into the world. Jasmine Wahi, Brooklyn based curator, writer, and activist is definitely one of these people.

Liz Harlan

We meet up with Liz Harlan, 25 year old performance artist and model to chat about her experience as a model and her journey towards finding a place in an industry that sometimes fails to represent a large range of individuals.