Mastered Live

Mastered Team Credits:
Art Director: Elina Kaltiainen
Photographer: Marina Ventola
Stylist: Drew Dyrdhal
Hair: Gladys Napa
Makeup: Kahlii Morrison

Other Team Credits:
Model: Adele (Dulcedo Models)
Dresses: Andrew Dyrdahl, Jacket: Marc Jacobs, Hats: Vonlanzenauer, Shoes: Maxine Shoes




Mastered Team Credits:
Art Director: Silke Klinnert
Photographer: Anastasia Fursova
Stylist: Sasha Troshchynska
Hair: Saeid Homayouni
Makeup: Danielle Gerkens




Mastered Team Credits:
Art Director: Jeanie Mordukhay
Photographer: Djeneba Aduayom
Stylist: Aaron Alexander Arnoldt
Hair: Diana Skrabanek
Makeup: Shannon Rodriguez

Other Team Credits:
Model: Noah (Dulcedo Models)
Designer: Aaron Alexander Arnoldt


About Mastered:

Mastered is a talent development company for the fashion industry. We accelerate the careers and businesses of talented professionals in fashion by delivering 10-month accelerators that take place online and in-person. The programs offer insight, feedback, coaching, and opportunities, from fashion industry leaders that include legendary photographer Nick Knight, creative director Fabien Baron, and beauty leaders such as Val Garland, Guido, and Sam McKnight.

Our expert network has grown to include a vast roster of industry-leading mentors and experts, spanning across disciplines, joining an ever-expanding list of press and brand partners. Our community of over 3,000 art directors, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, nail artists and streetwear and accessories brands, is represented in more than 80 countries across the globe.

About Mastered Accelerators:

Mastered accelerators are a new model for talent development. The 10-month experience takes place online and in-person. Professionals who are accepted onto the accelerator get access to world-class experts, valuable feedback, personal coaching, industry opportunities, and a network of like-minded collaborators.

Mastered Live is an in-person experience bringing our programs to life. We host workshops and portfolio reviews run with industry experts such as Impression Magazine’s Kenneth Richards, Schön Magazine’s Beauty Editor Mynxii White, PM1 agency, Jess at Teen Vogue, Vogue Beauty contributor Arden Fanning, Lydia Pang at Refinery 29 and Krista Prestel from GQ.

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