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“I had an amazing time Friday night. Not expecting much and invited out by a friend I was hesitant to come. So glad I did, as I met some truly amazing people, saw an incredible venue and created some phenomenal shots. Looking forward to meeting you guys again and building a bond to create more art!” — Asim

Finding the Freshest Faces of Fashion: A Night at Monaliza Studios

Written by Alexa Caroline Modugno

The spark of creative energies that amalgamated at Monaliza Studios on Friday night was like no other. Stylist Guvanch, working with posh retro-chic designs, styled 23 models as visual representations of designers Darya Batok, Mua Mua Dolls, and Hope. Designers mentioned hailed from all over the world to showcase clothing and looks that were unbeatably chic and stylishly profound. Hairstylists and makeup artists perfected the looks of the models to make them photo-ready. With loud colors with sequined bold motifs, feathered sleeves and sultry silks, the models were diverse in background, age and physique. The space was an ideal venue for photographers, who came in vast numbers to capture the perfect editorial and ad campaign aesthetic. Situated in an antique furniture company warehouse, one room led to another elaborately decorated and overwhelmingly eye-catching stimulating spaces. It was like being in a utopian maze of talented people, decadent artistic designs, and endless new collaboration opportunities. DJ Juxtapose was attracting a dedicated dance circle, a musician was drumming out to the vibes of the event, a painter German Zamana was spray- painting photorealistic pictures, and two fire dancers Victor & Masae were impressing the audience with their incredible grace and talents.

As the night went on, the crowd continued to grow, attracting a vibrant flow of cool and hip millennials in the Williamsburg wonderland building. The event was truly a photographer’s paradise, a dream come true. There was so much to capture. In the first room there was a large table-sized arrow situated on a desk, where models took turns while photographers flashed their cameras. In the same room there was a fluorescent light with a white sheet that exposed an interesting new look. The dazzling display of decor was stunning, gold-framed mirrors were hanging on the walls, silver candlesticks, then a blurry TV screen. Everywhere you looked there was something worth gazing at. On a big cyclorama wall, there was a red velvet swing which models were dangling from.

Navigating the party space was like getting lost in a fantasy land, an overpowering flow of creativity enveloped the entirety of the event. It was a great networking opportunity for models, photographers and other creatives alike. A wonderful and memorable night, as an attendee you were guaranteed to leave with your head spinning with an elevated standard of what a good party entails and a newfound appreciation for Williamsburg. Monaliza Studios are definitely the new creative spot not to miss…if you are a fashionable trendsetter, professional image-maker, or just a cool person looking for an exclusive night of adventure.

Sets: Kyra Ross
Producer: Samira Hermenau
Manager: Tarik Caroll

Stylist: Guvanch Agajumayev
Designers: Darya Batok, Mua Mua Dolls & Hope
Makeup: Kate Bainbridge, Serena Fraser , Melissa Bavaro, Silvia Hernandez
Hair: Gurkan, April McTaggart

Fire Show: Victor Psybotik &  Masae Satouchi
Live Painting: German Zamana
Experimental Art: Amanita
Sounds: DJ Juxtapose
Bar: Gabriella Hinojosa

Thank You to Our Event Partners; Light Bulb Grip + Electric Co. & Zirkova One+Together

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