Body of Water

This series was photographed in the ocean around the island of Bimini, close to the mystical Fountain of Youth; a fabled wellspring thought to give everlasting life to whoever bathed in or drank from it.

A Series by Zena Holloway

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The aim is to reflect human’s influence on the planet’s oceans and other natural water bodies. Amongst the images is a woman standing like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man on a bed of human-made debris, in another she hangs lifeless. The figures are styled in oily, black shapes, reflective dresses, everyday clothing as well as shown naked.



The Earth’s surface is 70 percent water, a proportion that correlates closely to the percentage of water in a human body. Leonardo da Vinci reasoned that the water in rivers came from rainfall and moved through Earth like blood circulating the body. He knew water was the medium of life and life must have started in water.



In the ocean, the effects of overfishing, pollution, industrial expansion and careless development are everywhere. Entire stocks of top predators like tuna, sharks, and swordfish are used to make sandwiches and soup. The planktonic creatures that make up the foundations of the food chain are melting away as the ocean becomes more acidic from the carbon dioxide we pump into the air. The Arctic ice retreats at an alarming rate and facilitates an unprecedented grab for minerals and fossil fuels that were once protected by thick ice.



Some of us strive to understand the oceans better, but we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the deepest parts of the Earth’s seas. In the words of Dr. Silvia Earle “We need to challenge people to look in the mirror and see what each of you, each of us, can do. All of us need water, the fabric of our lives. All of us need a planet that works. And all of us have the power to do something about it.”



Photographer: Zena Holloway

Stylist: Natalie Wilkins

Production: Dive & More

Models: Ashleigh Baird, Linnea Snyderman, David Langloiss