The EveryMAN Project

The EveryMAN Project

A Project by Tarik Carroll

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The EveryMAN Project celebrated their first-year anniversary by creating their own underwear campaign showcasing an inclusive cast of 12 men across various body types and ethnicities.
Inspired by Solange Knowles’s music video for “Cranes in the Sky” and the work of photographer Carlota Guerrero, the intention on camera and behind the camera was one to celebrate unity, brotherhood & embracing vulnerability. The shoot even pays homage to Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” music video.

“We created a visually engaging underwear campaign that truly encourages men to love and celebrate themselves as they are,” says EveryMAN Project founder & photographer, Tarik Carroll. “This shoot is a celebration of beauty, diversity, inclusion & self love. With each shoot our goal at EveryMAN is to continuously challenge industry constructs & ideals on male beauty as well as dispelling toxic masculinity.”

Carroll founded The EveryMAN Project following an “April Fool’s Joke” underwear campaign by American Eagle. In April 2016, the brand created an underwear editorial featuring men with a variety of body types, and then claimed it as simply a hoax.

In a society where people who are plus size or just have a body type that’s not deemed conventionally attractive by mainstream fashion or media brands, this underwear shoot is a bold and empowering statement on where we are shifting as a culture.

Photography by Tarik Carroll

Photography/Creative Direction: Tarik Carroll

Styling: Mark Anglin

Makeup: Jarrett Brandon & Spanky Aguirre

Photo Assistants: Beth Hicks

Videography: John Dargan

Jewelry: Charant Gold

Gold Cape: Charant Gold,

Underwear: Model’s Own & Parke and Ronen

Robes: Model’s Own


Louis Merino

Tevin Evans

Marquis Neal

Jordan Evangelista

Christopher Cespedes

Alex Frankel


Daquan Studwood

Giorgio Alexander

Lamar Shambley

Ben Bartels

Alex Cheser