Glassbook NYFW

New York, New York – Glassbook Media’s premier NYFW event turned out a huge, fashion-forward crowd on the evening of February 14th, coming together to celebrate diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry. Produced in association with fashion designer Ashton Michael, spirits brand and social justice organization Zirkova One+Together, Modern Vice Shoes by Jordan Adoni, and model and talent management Zandwagon, the event attracted fashion industry elite and notable guests – including AUTHOR Editor Oona Chanel, Olympic Champion Athlete Chelsea Werner, and Actress Malgosia Garnys – who joined Glassbook Media’s Creative Director Jaz Glass for the celebrations.

Photos by Andrew T. White


There is strength in numbers: The event’s collaborators share the same mission and commitment to showcasing diverse beauty and embracing body positivity as a means of raising society’s consciousness and pushing culture forward.

The event took place at Mona Liza Studio in Soho, Manhattan. With DJ Ty Sunderland on the decks, custom cocktails by Zirkova One+Together which were aptly named The Ashton Michael and The Zandwagon, and hors d’oeuvres created by The Palate Journey, and special gift cards provided by popular cocktail App HOOCH BLACK. Guests enjoyed a visual showcase of some of Glassbook Media’s published artworks followed by a uniquely immersive fashion show experience that commenced at 9PM with fashion designs by Ashton Michael, shoes by Modern Vice, accessories by Chris Habana, and models provided by Zandwagon.


“We’ve grown tired of rigid beauty ideals, and we know we’re not alone. Showcasing only one type of beauty time and time again is not only boring, but can also be incredibly detrimental to anyone who doesn’t fit into that mold. We want every human to feel seen, and valued, ” says Jaz Glass, Creative Director at Glassbook Media. “This collaboration represents the change that we want to see within the industry, and beyond it. Within the fashion industry, and in society in general, inclusivity is more powerful than exclusivity.”


Glassbook Media’s NYFW production was the first with exclusive model casting from Zandwagon, New York’s most progressive model and talent management.

“Glassbook and Zandwagon are part of the same powerful heartbeat and mission to increase the visibility of diverse models across race, age, size, gender, and sexuality. We’re honored to have been a part of an event with so many talented, inspiring figures who believe in boldly embracing inclusivity,” – Steven Ramotar, Communications Director at Zandwagon.

“As a new father, I want to bring my daughter into a world where she will feel beautiful regardless of who she is. I always say I had two babies this year, my daughter Zara and Zandwagon.” – Kayvon Zand, Founder of Zandwagon


“Zirkova One+Together is proud to have partnered with Glassbook Media for this one-of-a-kind experience celebrating inclusiveness, especially at New York Fashion Week. Yes, we are an award winning vodka brand; but our ethos, our lifeblood, is in celebrating every single member of this human race, and driving home the message that it is our individualism – our qualities – that help to make this fabric of society whole. Budmo!” – Derek Anderson, Partner Zirkova One+Together


About Glassbook:
Glassbook is a creative network of forward-thinkers, inspired artists, and individuals who crave positive change. We believe in media as a vehicle from which we can push culture and society forward, with the help of our exceptional contributors.

About Zirkova One+Together:
Zirkova One+Together believes that every one of us is a unique and vital part of this beautiful tapestry that we call humanity. In Ukraine, there is a traditional toast, “Budmo” – or “just be” – that acknowledges the greatness in each of us. We are committed to empowering everyone to do just that. To just be you. To appreciate and celebrate each other. And to unite through uplifting moments of optimism and possibility. We are One+Together.

About Zandwagon:
Zandwagon is a model management and talent casting company that represents and casts people who are breaking beauty standards in television, print, beauty, fashion and reality tv. Zandwagon’s mission is to not only provide jobs for our talent but to raise awareness and create harmony in a time of political eruption.

About Ashton Michael:
If you have watched the Super Bowl, Grammy’s, AMA’s or any award show in the past 15 years you’ve most likely seen the work of fashion designer Ashton Hirota and his label Ashton Michael. Featured on clients ranging from icons of Hollywood to chart-topping musicians, Hirota has dressed celebrities such as Beyonce, Fifth Harmony, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Miguel, Ciara, just to name a few. Hirota is a firm believer that there is no gender in creative expression, just strength through individuality.