“In the U.S.A., what little nudity is permitted, is almost exclusively shown in a sexual context. This contributes to a perception that we are supposed to evaluate every naked body we see as a potential sex partner or rival. I am interested in challenging, and potentially changing, this reaction.”

A portrait series by Julia SH

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“In this series, I frame the model as an environmental feature in nature, in order to suggest a different starting point for the dialogue about our bodily differences. Specifically, instead of questioning whether certain body types are ones we want to possess, or have sex with, I wish to create a fresh perspective, where we view these bodies simply as phenomena in the universe. Without sexualization. Without judgment. Without fear. In so doing, we open the door to meeting different body types with aesthetic interest & appreciation, rather than anger, distaste or dislike. All bodies are interesting and valuable, but we have to be given the opportunity to truly see them in order to appreciate this.” – Julia SH


Photographer: Julia SH

Muse: Angelina Duplisea