Revealing Light

Revealing Light – For All the Mad Women

Director’s Note:

Inspired by the poetry of Gabriela Mistral, dancer Roya Carreras, moves through a space exploring her own unique madness; one that is empowering, seductive and vulnerable. Revealing Light is a small glimpse into the strength and complexity of the female psyche.

A Film by Elena Vazintaris

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Director/Choreographer: Elena Vazintaris

Photographer: Kyrystyna Chekhlata

Styling: Ross Erin Martineau

Hair: Karla Hirkaler

Makeup: Jessika Bekteshi

Editor: Winnie Cheung

Costume Designer: Michael Hili

Prop Styling/Set Design: Conor Fay

Production: Carmella Re

Post Production: Picture Farm

Dancer: Roya Carreras

Second Dancer: Nicole Von Arc

Score: Greg Lawrence

Location: Chemistry Creative Studios BK