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Photographer: Martin D Barker
Stylist: Lindsay Low
Make-Up: Lindsay Low (Mac Cosmetics)
Hair: Emma Diamond
Models: Paighton Menmuir (Model Team), Rebecca Voy (Colours), Taylor Gillies (Colours)
Assistants: Keir Laird, Jane Mcphelim, Vanessa Stirling Hunter

Earrings: Objectified, Necklace: ObjectifiedRight Page:  Coat: Hanger Inc., Ring: The Great Frog, Earrings: Stylist’s OwnLeft Page: Bodysuit: Hanger Inc, Earrings: Stylists Own  /  Right Page: Tongue and Septum Jewelry: Models OwnWire Restraint: Objectified, Ring: Helter Skelter MetalheadsLeft Page: Coat: Hanger Inc, Necklace: Stylists Own, Rings: Objectified  /  Right Page: Bodysuit: Hanger Inc, Earrings: Stylists OwnBodysuit: Hanger Inc, Earrings: Objectified, Necklace: Stylists Own