Studio Practice

By February 20, 2017 No Comments

Photographer: Julia SH
Makeup: Sara Tagaloa
Hair: Samuel Warburton
Models: Angelina Duplisea, Kristine, Marisol Escoto
Makeup Assistant: Michelle Burgo
Makeup Assistant: Yvette Avelar

“In the U.S., what little nudity is permitted is usually shown in a sexual context. This contributes to a perception that we’re supposed to evaluate every naked body we see as a potential sex partner or rival. Seeing nudes in a museum is one of the only exceptions to this. I don’t think that most of us react to a naked portrait in a museum by thinking “I wouldn’t have sex with that, why is it on display?” or by writing a letter of complaint to the museum director about Rubens’s glorification of obesity. Therefore, I have framed my models as sculptures and works of art in a museum, in the hope that the viewer will suspend any judgments about whether they find the models sexually attractive or not, or whether their bodies are socially “acceptable”. Hopefully, this will give the viewer an opportunity to observe the work as they might a classic painting, and discover some aesthetic interest, or even pleasure, in the unique shapes and textures of the models’ bodies.” – Julia SH