The Automaton Workforce and Its Imminent Reality

By July 4, 2017 No Comments

In the rise of the zero-hour contract, self-checkouts and a plutocratic world in which global superpowers are run by businessmen, ‘The Automaton Workforce and its Imminent Reality’ seeks to reflect the displacement and disfigurement of the common man. Predicting the world with fewer people and more government controlled systems and technology, this work is a musing on what an over-worked majority may look like in the not so distant future. Although represented somewhat humorously, the distorted silhouettes and characters of this world could be interpreted in a much more sinister light. The concatenation of humanities unwilled servitude and increasing industrial pressure may perhaps lead us to a warped, frenzied future for those below and — perhaps above, the financially elite.

Photographer: Paolo Steve
Fashion Design, Creative Direction, Make-Up: Hatti Rees
Stylist: Luke Smith, Borys Korban
Hair: Marcos Pérez @Marckosbcn
Model: Claudia Etherington
Photography Assistant: Eric Voullosky, Giusi Silipigni
Eyewear: Specstacular Opticians
Bag: Sebastian M Gutierrez